A North Carolina incorporated 501c3 tax exempt organization, the CCSHF works in concert with the Combat Control School Association (CCSA)to acquire, refurbish, exhibit and maintain CCT artifacts accessioned by The CMSgt Alcide S. Benini Heritage Center (BHC). The BHC mission is to educate CCS students; bolster CCT morale; support United States Air Force recruiting and retention goals.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

CCT War Memorial


THE EYE OF THE STORM (EOS), seen in the first photograph above, is the title given to a group of three, larger-than-life statues proposed for future installation at the Combat Control School (CCS) at Pope AFB, North Carolina. When completed, the EOS War Memorial (aka Combat Control War Memorial) will be a monument to combat controllers past, present and future. Plans call for the new War Memorial to be placed near the existing flag pole and CCT Fallen Warrior Memorial, shown in the circular drive in the CCS drawing above.  Double click photograph to enlarge.

The EOS War Memorial is a grouping of three, individual combat controllers, shown is an idealized formation at the control point of a drop zone. One (left) is the air traffic controller; the second (center) is operating long-haul communications; a third (right) is providing team security and standing ready to step into either control position. Each statue is individually cast and will be set in a formation in the vicinity of the CCS Memorial Walkway.

The eye of the storm refers to the center of a hurricane - a relatively quiet zone - around which scores of turbulent forces are violently churning and - in some cases - raining death and destruction. In the CCS EOS scenario, the combat controllers are depicted at the center of air operations - a location known as the air-head, air traffic control point. It is the job of combat controllers to integrate, synchronize and control air power at the targeted objective.

In many operations, the EOS is at the center of relatively mundane aerial delivery operations – either by parachute or air landing assault. However, today’s combat controllers are fully capable bring destructive forces to bear on hostile formations; directing airstrikes against enemy forces. It is these airmen, their skills and their dedication to the Air Force mission that will be memorialized by the Eye of the Storm war memorial.

The Combat Control War Memorial will be placed in front of the Combat Control School. Preliminary plans calls
for placement in the area adjacent to the existing Fallen Combat Controller Memorial, shown above..

Estimated cost of the Combat Control War Memorial project is $250,000.00.

Target completion date will be established when funding is secured.

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